Proper Suit Maintenance Practices And Their Importance

The quality of your clothes, how they fit and how you generally look in them are among the first things that people notice when you walk into a room. Therefore, if you wish to make a great first impression in both social and professional settings, it is essentials to invest in high quality suits for different occasions. These may include bespoke business suits or custom tailored suits for social settings. However, in order to ensure that your suits last longer, it is essential to invest your time and resources in maintaining them well.

Importance of proper suit maintenance

First, high quality suits and especially custom tailored suits require a high financial investment. Therefore, ensuring that they are well taken care of prevents this investment from going into waste through accelerated wear and tear. Secondly, proper maintenance helps retain the shape of the suit, the elasticity of the fabric, the colours as well as the drape of the suit over time. This ultimately ensures that the suit can be used over a long period of time. But how do you ensure that your suits are properly maintained? 

Laundry and pressing

The frequency and manner in which your suits are cleaned has a direct effect on their durability. For example, the recurrent use of different cleaning agents not only affects the brightness of the fabric colour but it also weakens the suit fabric, making it easier to tear. Dry cleaning, which seems to be preferred by a lot of individuals in the modern age, is no better. A suit should be dry cleaned just a few times in a year.

It is not recommended to wash the suit after every use. However, once you remove your suit, it is recommended to brush it down with a soft haired brush to get rid of lint, dust particles and any other items that may even have the ability to attract moths or other insects.  With respect to the removal of creases on the suits prior to wearing them, steaming them is the most recommended option as it is great for the fabric and it can even enhance the removal of certain forms of stains.

Proper storage

Besides ensuring that your suits are cleaned properly, it is essential to store them in a manner that promotes longevity. But how do you go about this? The first step is to ensure that you use the right kind of hangers- in the correct size and shape. Thicker and wider hangers ensure that the coats drape well and therefore retain their shape in the long term.

The second step is to ensure that the suits are stored in breathable garment bags. This protects the suits from moths, dust and prevents the build-up of moisture that could also destroy the suits. In addition, you must ensure that the suits are not packed too closely in the closet to allow better circulation of the air. Third you may incorporate the use of cedar shavings in the suit closet. The shavings absorb excess moisture in the closet, naturally repel moths and improve the scent of the suit fabric.